The Hurricane spiced rum cocktail made with Swan Knight Distillery golden spiced rum, in 2 Hurricane glasses

The Hurricane spiced rum cocktail

Here is how to make the rum cocktail:

Cocktail ingredients for a single serving
- 50ml Swan Knight golden spiced rum
- 60ml passion fruit juice
- 30ml orange juice
- Juice from 1/4 lime
- 1 teaspoon simple syrup
- 1 teaspoon grenadine
- Glassful of crushed ice

- Mix the above ingredients together
- Pour into a glass filled with crushed ice

How and when to drink this spiced rum cocktail

This bright, colourful cocktail is perfect for sipping in the sunshine, particularly with friends and family. It's big bold flavours and unique glass make it instantly recognisable. Rumour has it that the shape of the glass was based on the hurricane lamp. We spent a long time getting the right mix of rum and fruit juices, and then getting the sweetness right with the grenadine and simple syrup.

If the colour is a little too red then reducing the grenadine is a good place to start. Alternatively, if the drink is too sweet then start with reducing the simple syrup. If there is an option to use real fruit juices, rather than those made from concentrate, then it would be well worth taking.

Inspiration for the cocktail

It is believed that the cocktail originated in Pat O'Brien's bar in New Orleans. Created during WWII, it is thought that it came about due to an excess of rum as it was easier to get hold of rum than other types of liquor. The original version of the cocktail used passion fruit syrup and either lemon or lime juice. At that time, the drink was not red as that happened when fassionola syrup (made from a mix of tropical fruits and sweetener) was added to the ingredients.

Variations to the traditional Hurricane recipe include the addition of Galliano, Club Soda, overproof rum, Chambord or Triple Sec. Working with these additional ingredients can provide some delightful alternative rum cocktails.

Nonetheless, at its core, the Hurricane is a mix of rum and fruit juices. The lemon or lime juice balances the mix and the addition of grenadine gives the cocktail its famous colour. Finally the simple syrup makes the cocktail that little bit sweeter and smoother.
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