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About Us

Swan Knight Distillery was created from the shared vision of its husband and wife co-founders (Peter and Claire). It was their shared love of nature, coupled with their enjoyment of relaxing and enjoying lively conversations with friends and family, which made the decision to launch an artisan distillery, an easy one.

Having both being fortunate enough to have successful careers within the corporate world, they never lost sight of the fact that it is the people around you that help you to achieve your goals, at both a personal and a professional level. This is the very reason that a number of their ex-colleagues remain such good friends of theirs to this day.

They were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel the world and enjoy the cultural and traditional diversity that different places and people have to offer. It is clear to them that Mother Nature and humanity can live together in harmony and the whole planet can benefit and grow as a result. Having seen for themselves that this balance is possible, it drives them to replicate it within their environment too.

Launching Swan Knight Distillery has not only enabled them to continue to engage with new and interesting people along the way, but has also allowed them to appreciate the natural world around them. Sometimes it is important to take a breath and appreciate the natural beauty and amazing people that surround us in our busy everyday lives. They hope to share some of these moments, through their blog posts and photography (such as the carousel on the home page) with you, as well as via their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Fast forward two years after passing their exams, obtaining licenses, creating recipes and a lot of hard work and, hopefully, the outcome is something that brings pleasure to everyone. So, please, come and join them in enjoying the fruits of their labour and thank you for supporting a small, family business.

Pete and Claire enjoying the sun in front of a goat house