Pina Colada spiced rum cocktail made with Swan Knight Distillery golden spiced rum, in 2 Hurricane glasses with a whole pineapple back drop

The spiced rum Pina Colada

Here is how to make the rum cocktail:

Cocktail ingredients for a single serving:
- 50ml Swan Knight golden spiced rum
- 60ml coconut cream
- 40ml pineapple juice
- Juice from 1/4 lime
- A glass of crushed ice

- Mix all of the above ingredients together
- Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds
- Pour over the glass of crushed ice.

How and when to drink this spiced rum cocktail

This rum cocktail is a perfect drink to be enjoyed in the sunshine and especially with friends and family. It is easy to drink and even easier to make. We find it best to make individual servings, rather than a jug of the cocktail, as the coconut cream can occasionally sink if left untouched for too long. One tip that is worth considering is to strain the pineapple and lime juice before adding them to the mix.

If the cocktail is too heavy then replace the coconut cream with coconut milk. For more coconut flavour then replace a measure of the spiced rum, with coconut rum instead.

Inspiration for the cocktail

This smooth and creamy cocktail is great for those who enjoy the softer notes of rum. The coconut cream provides a hint of tropical paradise and offsets the rum, pineapple and lime juice. The result is a well balanced, refreshing rum drink that is delicious at any time.

The origins of the Pina Colada cocktail are unclear as there are several competing stories as to how it was created. What does seem clear was that it was originally designed during the 1950s or 1960s, However, it got a poor reputation during the 1970s, as it became known for being one of the pre mixed cocktails at the poolside bar. Recently, however, it has made something of a comeback. This is primarily due to the use of quality ingredients by bartenders, but also by stepping away from the 40 ounce cup and back to the coupe glass.

As can be imagined, there are numerous variations for this popular cocktail. These vary from using splashes of absinthe or cachaca, top-ups of champagne or creamy yogurt through to the use of bananas, passion fruit or oranges. Whatever is chosen, it is always a delicious journey of discovery and filled with laughter and fun. This rum cocktail is most definitely a favourite to be enjoyed with family and friends.
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